Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Hello you lovely lot,

I am very sorry for the absolute silence on my behalf! I am currently in my last semester at University and my dissertation has taken over my life however.. I am very happy to come back with a bang! I have some fantastic news for you and I can't believe I am even writing it but...


Yes, you read right! I am 1 of 12 very lucky individuals to of been chosen for their 'One Year Advanced' training course in London AND... to top it all off... My boyfriend was accepted onto the course too! Out of thousands of applicants, we are both chosen?! How incredible!

Once the euphoria of acceptance went from boiling to simmer, I realised that my £9000 course was going to have to be completely self-funded plus insane living expenses in London! I still don't know if I will be able to do it but to have to turn down such a fantastic opportunity because of money would be heartbreaking!

However Soraya Jade doesn't give up that easily! I will be working around the clock, throwing countless fundraisers and saving everything possible to achieve my dream, but that might not be enough! I fully understand that I will be living off 10p beans and out of date yogurts but that's what I have got to do to even think about getting closer to my dream. The most successful people live their lives like no-one else can because at the start they lived like no one else would,

Over the years of I have raised over £1000 for various charities, I gave whatever I could because I knew they needed it much more than I did. If I even have one glimmer of hope of getting to Film School, I am going to need the same generosity I showed countless others, I never give to receive however I hope that I may of collected some good karma which I would like to exchange now for your help. I fully appreciate that you have never met me and may never will but to me, that's the beauty of it. When I gave to charities, I didn't need a hug or a thank you card, it was enough to me to know that my small act of kindness made a positive impact on somebody's life, however small. If reading this, you feel you could spare as little as £1.00 to help me get one step closer to my goal, you... reading my small time blog would be changing my life. If you do not want to donate, please share this and help in achieving my lifelong goal of becoming an actress!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog.

Until next time,

Here is the link to my fundraising page:


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

DIY Diva

Hello you lovely lot!

First of may I say sorry for neglecting my blog for so long! I have so many assessments and auditions coming up that I haven't had a minute to myself! I am also in the University's production of Little Shop of Horror's! So it's full steam ahead at the moment. I thought instead of staring blankly at my word document which hasn't moved from 700 words in the last 3 hours, I would procrastinate wisely!

I have never claimed to be a Calamity Jane when it comes to DIY! A. because I don't have the patience and B. because it never really interested me until I discovered....PINTREST!

Oh yes! The simple pinning app seemed to have unlocked some creative juices which I never thought I could produce! I must admit that before I had this epiphany, I would waste everything and buy it, even if it was 10x cheaper to make. I didn't want to wait and I didn't want the hassle.

That my friends, was when I was at college, living at home with a steady weekend job. I wasn't 'ballin' but I certainly didn't mind paying out for what I wanted. Now I am sat here writing this blog in Josh's dressing gown (cheers hun), thick Primark PJ's, fluffy bed socks and contemplating gloves, just so I don't have to turn the heating on!

Growing up my mum was monochrome mad! Our living room looked like God's waiting room and the rest of the house looked like a zebra enclosure. This was all very stylish and I transferred this theme to my first flat with Josh. After living here nearly 3 years together, we are thinking about moving to London *faints from reality*. This got me thinking... It never felt like a cosy home. It was actually quite cold and unwelcoming. Almost like living in an untidy showroom. I decided (with Josh's approval) that I wanted our new decor to be..... SHABBY CHIC!

Now I am like a crazy recycle lady! If josh even thinks about throwing away any jars or cardboard without asking me *shakes fist*

 My first project was extremely simple yet very effective and cost me £1. *drum roll please*

It's a make up organiser! -Please excuse the toilet selfie- 

  1. Simply cut up an old cereal box
  2. Cut to size and stick an empty toilet roll inside to hold up the brushes
  3. Wrap some lovely wrapping paper around it! My chosen wrapping is from Paperchase
  4. Decorate with lace or bows or whatever suits your decor
I appreciate it isn't perfect or extremely glamorous but that's what I like about shabby chic and the fact I made the whole thing for £1! It beats having all your make up lying around the bathroom looking like Superdrug!

If you like it or know ways quirky ways to improve it, please comment! I would absolutely love to see your version if this has kick-started your creative juices!

Until next time,

Monday, 20 October 2014

I now have bloglovin!

Hello you wonderful lot!

I am just starting to work out this bloglovin thing so please bear with! So while I kick start my technophobe brain, please...

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Why I hate Musical Theatre Students

Hello you lovely lot!

I am writing this blog, sat in mismatched fluffy PJs, surrounded by tissues, olbus oil and lemsip. It's safe to say this isn't the sexiest I've looked. Being ill and thus hating the world has fueled me to write a blog I have been meaning to write ever since I was about 12! Why I hate Musical Theatre Students! 'Woah", I hear you say! "But Soraya... you're a MT student!" Yes, on paper I am, however when I dissect what it is to REALLY be a MT student then you will realise, I just like singing, acting and dancing a bit.

The way I have always descried my passion for Musical Theatre has been... I have a life and I have Musical Theatre... they don't merge very often. I love it, I really do but I don't live and breathe it. I come home from University and I watch television or read a book. I rarely listen to musicals in my own time unless it's for a singing exam or research. In my own personal opinion, I see girls who have made musical theatre their entire life and have never make it to the West End! They are so distraught! They have spent 25 years practicing with blood, sweat and tears, only to be told no. To me, that's sad. Maybe I don't have enough drive or passion, I don't know, but I always want to look back and know that I enjoyed my own time and learnt new skills, not just being a triple threat robot.

I have complied a list of my worse 'stagey' pet peeves! If you recognise yourself in any of these, then brilliant! Please don't take it as an insult, take pride in it! Without people like you the West End would be rubbish!

1. Musical Theatre keenos sing ALL.THE.TIME. at any given moment, I mention how great my strawberry frozen yogurt was and that's all it takes! I am now eating my sandwich in the Uni cafeteria, whilst being serenaded by a 3 part harmony of "Do you wanna build a snowman or ride a bike around the" - No.
 photo tumblr_inline_mzbcphVQox1r3aj2a_zpsrkmlu8uw.gif

2. Every move they make could be referred back to some Merce Cunningham choreography. Excuse me guys, I'm just off to the loo.

 photo if they could_zpsxclbfsts.gif

3. They seem to know about every cast changeover and who played who in what anniversary concert! They are chucking out all these names of West End performers and there is me and my boyfriend like...
 photo tumblr_mmnjlkASd71ryu3g1o1_500_zpswnfa1g05.gif

4. "OMG, have you heard that Kerry Ellis is like, totally playing Glinda now, after like totally playing Elphaba on Broadway! How amazing right?!

 photo fscn_zps8b72j0ft.gif

5. Stretching isn't just for the home... oh no, this can be performed anywhere especially in Public!

6. Disney... just Disney.

                                    photo giphy_zpsknnqmymk.gif

7. I get one night off every 3 months at work, I just want to let my hair down and party! However after 1 song that is about number 39 out of the Top UK 40...from 1987... It goes back to the Original Broadway Cast of something! Because that's all their Ipods consist of! You can't escape it!

                                         photo friends_zpso5z4lf7k.gif

8. Everything is so dramatic! You would think that running a few minutes late for Ballet would just be excused by "Sorry I'm late, my bus was late'. Ha! They got up to find a badger in their kitchen, whilst running from a dinosaur into the forbidden forest! 

 photo ddrama_zpsbtr6gbhk.gif

9. Let's face it, we're in a catty business! Musical Theatre students love it when you sing their song better! 
 photo scsc_zpsmtcgvavd.gif

10. They are so excitable! 

 photo 200_zpsfiplg04r.gif

11. Going out clubbing with a musical theatre social in a nutshell...If it's not this, then they will be incorporating the choreography they learnt earlier that day to every chart song going... "OMG it fits!" 

 photo vogue_zpsnclueh4r.gif

12. Their bedrooms look like this... 

13. Their wardrobes look like this...
14. Every paranoid girl on show week around their understudy...

 photo tumblr_lzgslqPM721ql5yr7o1_r1_400_zpsx3cq8qs8.gif

15. The whole point of my blog in one GIF...

 photo tumblr_lxukafpsa11qfy4fro7_250_zpsjjoqmvu9.gif

I hope you enjoyed this post! 

*tap dances away into sunset*

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Gosh Lash Growth Serum and Mascara

Hello you lovely lot!

My first ever beauty post! How exciting! *wees slightly*

I'm not one of the most self-confident of females, however I wasn't blind to the fact that I had lovely natural, long eyelashes, unfortunately the key was HAD. I tried to fix something that wasn't broken and ended up breaking it! 

I decided to go for some individual eyelash extensions, which did look lovely at the time and did stay on for a good 3 weeks!

HOWEVER! When I got them removed professionally, to my horror, my eyelashes had become extremely short, brittle or non-existant! After running home wearing sunglasses on a rainy day, I did what I always do... Went to my mummy for advise! And she never fails me! She told me about this lash lengthening serum and mascara from GOSH in Superdrug! Being the legend that she is, she already had both of them unused in her drawer and let me have them!!! *Bonus!*

The Serum   The Mascara

SAVVY SAVER ALERT! Both of these are now on offer for two for £10! The serum is originally £14.99 on it's own!!! and the mascara is £8.49 which is a massive saving!

The serum and mascara work together to create longer lashes in just two weeks! I am only on day 3 now but I will show the before and after results in 11 days! I really hope that they will help my eyelashes go back to normal!

Has you used these products or have any tips on helping my eyelashes grow back?! Please let me know! Until then...

Friday, 3 October 2014

An Introduction


I thought before I dived straight in bombarding you with blogs on my humble opinions, I thought I would give you a little information on the face behind the blog. I will keep it short and sweet by defining my whole personality and life in 10 facts about me... Here goes!

Fact 1: I am currently in my 3rd year, studying Music and Musical Theatre, at the University of Chichester! 

Fact 2: I live with my wonderful better half and our cat called Storm!

Fact 3: I am a SERIOUS keeno when it comes to movies but especially TV series! I only stopped to eat, bathe and when it was ultimately necessary sleep, whilst watching the entirety of 'Heroes'. When it ended so abruptly, I will admit it... part of me died slightly! 

Fact 4: I had a quite bad shopping addiction which has now been tamed! This is the reason I only now blog about entire outfits under £100 absolute MAX!

Fact 5: Every since a child I have always wanted to be on the West End, however as with the cruel light of show business, not many get there! Being a blogger and novel author has always been my passionate backup! I am currently writing notes for my first draft of a book! So what this space!

Fact 6: I'm clumsy, awkward and for the life of me CANNOT be sexy! You know that girl that tries to do a sexy dance and gets her skinny jeans stuck around her ankles, falls and hits her head.... Yeah that's me.

Fact 7: I am late (fashionably of course darling) for everything!!! I seem to have no concept of time. My boyfriend has now had to go to extremes of lying to me about what time I need to be somewhere! I hate it so much because he is right EVERYTIME! He tells me I have to be somewhere by 7, I turn up at 8 and I am right on time!

Fact 8: Unless you are holding a dozen red roses, accompanied by a full English breakfast and a cup of tea... do NOT try to talk to me in the mornings... don't even breathe.

Fact 9:  Please stop asking me 'OMG! Are you okay hun?!'... Yes, I'm fine! I just have a resting bitch face.

Fact 10: I write these blogs just to share some of my personal thoughts and things I enjoy....I never claim to be an expert on make up or fashion! My dry humor is never for offence and I hope that you will enjoy reading my blogs just as much as I enjoy writing them!